Sierra College Department of Biological Sciences

Biological Sciences 4

Instructor: Harriet Wilson

Announcements as of Sunday, October 13th, 2019.

The fall 2019 Morphological Unknown Identification Assistance information is now available under "Web-based Laboratory Assignments" below. Follow the instructions provided at the top of the page to access NCBI and answer the questions on page 90 of your morphological unknown report form (the one passed out in class today).

A new progress report is now available on this website (see below). This provides the same information available on Canvas, but in a somewhat more concise form. You should check the progress reports regularly to make certain grades being recorded are consistent with what you see on papers returned to you. Many of you are missing lab reports (especially the last one on Gram-staining and KOH test). Please turn these in ASAP.

Keys for lecture quizzes are also available here (see below). It is useful to check quiz keys and make certain any questions you missed are answered correctly so you are studying the correct information for next Friday's lecture midterm.

The microbiology club (Sierra College Chapter of the American Society for Microbiology) is meeting in S-114 at 2:00 this semester, although a morning meeting time may also be arranged. If you are excited about microbiology and would like to learn more under non-threatening circumstances (no grades involved), come join this group!

Please read the comments provided by students previously enrolled in Microbiology (Bio. Sci. 4). These are an excellent source of information from a student perspective. Read also "Thoughts about Student Success" as these should be taken seriously.

Your laboratory instructor's version of the Microbiology Laboratory Syllabus/Manual is available on this website. This manual is provided electronically as a series of sections and is similar to Sasha Warren's version available in print through the Sierra College bookstore. Successful completion of this class requires that you read/use the lab manual.

Important email reminder:
if you are a currently enrolled microbiology student, please use my exclusive, class "" email address (see class syllabus information) to contact me instead of the "" address listed elsewhere. Thank you!

Web-based Learning Support Tools:

Bullet: Drawing of a virus

Class Syllabus Information (Schedules, etc.)

Bullet: Drawing of a zygo

Bio. 4 Lecture Notes

Bio. 4 Lecture Syllabus

Bio. 4 Laboratory Syllabus

Bullet: Drawing of a hema

Web-based Laboratory Assignments

Bullet: Drawing of a diatom

Study Guide (Questions and Answers)

Bullet: Drawing of a cocci

Current Quiz and Exam Keys

Bullet: Drawing of a head

Progress Reports (Grade sheets)

Bullet: Drawing of a cleist

Laboratory Visuals:

Photomicrographs (feb2016)

Illustrations and Diagnostic Tests

Bullet: Drawing of conidia

Microbiology Laboratory

Microscope Images: Image 1 - Image 2

Environmental (Field) Microbiology

Additional Study Aids

Bio. Sci. Dept. Study Techniques

Links to other Microbiology/Biology Web sites

If I can do this, you can succeed at Microbiology, too!


Did you know? Orchids of various types
form symbiotic relationships with fungi (mycorrhizae).

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