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Biological Sciences 4 and 8A-B

Instructor: Harriet Wilson

Announcements as of Tuesday, June 1, 2021.

A new progress report is available and includes your final grades. Please look at this progress report and if you find errors notify me ASAP.

There is a new laboratory presentation "Semester Project Data, May 3_2021" now available on Canvas. You must use the data collected for your semester project when completing your report. This new presentation has some data (multiple metabolic tests) for every project culture being used (all students have some data). Please look at this presentation.

The PUNK2 Report form is still available here and on Canvas (PUNK2 Report Form) and the RFLP patterns are now available under "Web-based Laboratory Assignments". The PUNK2 report is worth 50 points and is due before the laboratory exam. If you have not already done so, please turn in your RFLP homework assignment. Thank you.

A new lecture presentation "Pathology and Etiological Agents" is now available on Canvas. There are still homework assignments to be completed, but no laboratory activity and no quiz this week. The homework assignments from two weeks ago are "Immunity Crossword" and "Adaptive or Acquired Immunity Homework". These are also available in the lecture syllabus.

New extra credit option - You can sign up for the NCASM Spring Conference and attend the first presentation tonight (Monday, April 26th) as described in the email you received from me. If you cannot make this presentation, there will be others. Summarize the presentation (at least one page of typed information) and send it to me. This extra credit option is worth 5 points.

The keys for lecture quizzes #1, #2, #3, #4 and #5 the midterm exam, and lab quizze #1, #2, #3, #4 and #5 are now available on this site under "Current Quiz and Exam Keys" below. Viewing these keys ASAP will be most instructive because the images used and your answers to the questions will be most easily recalled before extensive time is allowed to pass.

Please be aware that the PUNK1 Report is worth 50 points, and that you must use the infromation provided in the PUNK1 lab presentations in order to complete it. Please do not put this assignment off.

There are three homework assignments available currently (on this site under lecture syllabus). These include a "Glycolysis and Cellular Respiration" homework, a "Photosynthesis" crossword puzzle and a "DNA, RNA and Protein Synthesis" homework (together these are worth 60 points).

Welcome to the spring semester microbiology students. The class schedule and course syllabus for the spring semester are now available below. If you did not do so last semester, please read the document entitled "Thoughts About Student Success". This is potentially very useful information.

You will be most successful in this class if you use all of the resources provided to you. Not everything you need will be provided on Canvas, nor is everything you need provided here. Please visit both sites FREQUENTLY and read the announcments. Thank you!

Take-home lab kits will not be provided this semester but laboratory activities are still very much a requirement of this class. You are expected to complete two physiological unknown assignments and your semester project (initiated last semester). Many students were provided 16S rDNA nucleotide sequences for more than one isolate last semester. You may choose to complete the metabolic testing for only one of these, but you are expected to include all data and results associated with the DNA analysis in your final project report. Semester project DNA data is here (Semester Project DNA).

Please read the comments provided by students previously enrolled in Microbiology. These are an excellent source of information from a student perspective. Read also "Thoughts about Student Success" as these should be taken seriously.

The microbiology club (Sierra College Chapter of the American Society for Microbiology) is meeting on Canvas only. We are engaged in a long-term research project (in partnership with UC Davis) and have recently joined the GEBA IV project (an initiative of the Joint Genome Institute of the DOE) in case any of you are interested.

Your laboratory instructor's version of the Microbiology Laboratory Syllabus/Manual is available on this website. This manual is provided electronically as a series of sections and is similar to Sasha Warren's version available in print through the Sierra College bookstore. Successful completion of this class requires that you read/use the lab manual.

Important reminder:
If you are a currently enrolled microbiology student, please note the "office hours" I have listed on Canvas, and my contact information. I will do my best to respond proptly to messages. Thank you!

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If I can do this, you can succeed at Microbiology, too!


Did you know? Orchids of various types
form symbiotic relationships with fungi (mycorrhizae).

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