Sierra College Department of Biological Sciences

Bio. Sci. 4 - Microbiology Lecture Syllabus

Harriet Wilson, Instructor

The lecture syllabus included here is being compiled in sections this semester. This document (previously sold in the campus bookstore) is being revised and converted into electronic files. The lecture syllabus is intended to provide summaries of important lecture information (sometimes in table format), and diagrams useful for making difficult concepts easier to understand. Homework assignments and some extra credit options (E.C.) will also be included. Lecture Syllabus - Copyright 2014 Harriet S. Wilson. All Rights Reserved.

Lecture Syllabus Sections (PDF):

• Title Page

• Web-based Laboratory Assignment (Homework)

• Introduction and History of Microbiology

• Chemistry Review - Bonds and Chemical Groups

• Some Organic Compounds Utilized by or Produced by Microorganisms

• Biochemistry Crossword Puzzle (Homework Fall 2020)

• Cell Membrane Structure and Function

• Eukaryotic Cell Structure and Function

• Prokaryotic Cell Structure and Function

• Mitochondria and Chloroplasts

• Cell Parts Crossword Puzzle (Homework Fall 2020)

• Criteria for Classification

• Taxonomy Crossword Puzzle (Homework Fall 2020)

• Introduction to Prokaryotic Cells

• Introduction to Fungi

• Fungi The Fifth Kingdom (Homework Fall 2020) NEW!

• Medical Protozoology

• Medical Protozoology and Hazardous Autotrophs (Homework Fall 2020)

• Bioenergetics

• Glycolysis and Fermentation

• Glycolysis and Cellular Respiration (Homework)

• Cellular Respiration

• Photosynthesis

• Photosynthesis Crossword, Spring 2020

• DNA RNA and Protein Synthesis (Homework)

• Replication, Transcription & Translation

• Operons and Mutations Crossword Puzzel

•Immunity Crossword Puzzle

•Adaptive or Acquired Immunity (Homework)

•Bacterial Infections & Agents


Bio. Sci. Recommended Study Techniques (Web Version)